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Youth Event 2013

Civic Volunteering

Helping public services is a great way to give back and help your fellow citizens. Tackling disadvantage by taking action

There are many opportunities within public sector organisations. Ranging from some which take a few hours a week to the majority which require many months of checking vetting and selection tests before you may be offered the opportunity to join the training scheme. All public sector volunteering opportunities add value to the services we all benefit from and many help to monitor and moderate decision making, bringing vitality, accountability and impartiality. Ealing Volunteer Centre is currently working with Ealing Council Parks Service to develop new volunteering opportunities in local parks. Watch out for further updates in due course.

Here are some roles where you may have the time, talent and technical skills to help

Appropriate Adult

Independent visiting police stations


Public Appointments

Parole Boards

The Police Service

Prison visiting

Detail your requests. We respond within five working days